Division of Genetics and Metabolism
R.C. Philips Unit

Raymond C. Philips Research and Education UnitThe Raymond C. Philips Research and Education Unit (RCPU) was established in 1978 when the Florida Legislature approved section 393.20 of what is now known as the "prevention" legislation. The Unit is named for Mr. Philips, who was a well known administrator and superintendent of Gainesville's Tacachale (previously called Sunland Training Center) for thirty-eight years.

Goals of the RCPU
The RCPU was established for the purpose of the prevention, treatment and amelioration of intellectual deficiency. The unit provides service, education and prevention efforts through the following methods:

Research into the etiology of intellectual deficiency and developmental disabilities;

Dissemination of new knowledge throughout the Department of Health, especially those offices in the Department of Children and Families (click here for the RCPU Newsletter archive);

Diagnosis of unusual conditions and syndromes associated with developmental disability in persons identified through the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Health. The Unit conducts genetic evaluations in the outpatient clinic at Tacachale and at other locations in the state;

Evaluation of families affected with developmental disability of genetic origin in order to provide them with genetic counseling aimed at prevention of the recurrence of the disorder in other family members;

Training for professionals throughout the state in the areas of genetics and developmental disabilities. The RCPU provides educational seminars, conferences, and lectures on developmental disability throughout the state. To arrange for a session to be held in your area, contact the Division of Genetics at (352) 294-5050.

The RCPU is staffed by educators, physicians, genetic counselors and other scientists.

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