Department of Pediatrics Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic dietitians work with the genetic physician in establishing appropriate nutrition therapies for children and adults with metabolic disorders. For example, phenylketonuria (PKU), identified with newborn screening since 1965, is a genetic condition that can be effectively treated using dietary restriction of phenylalanine. In 2005, the State of Florida expanded the newborn screening program from 5 disorders to 30 disorders. The dietitians in the Division of Genetics and Metabolism are actively involved in the coordination and nutrition management of individuals affected with a variety of metabolic disorders, such as urea cycle defects, amino acidemias, fatty acid oxidation disorders and organic acidemias. Children with metabolic problems are seen by the dietitians during hospital admissions and in outpatient clinics at the University of Florida or in satellite clinics through north and central Florida. In addition, laboratory monitoring and diet modification occurs between clinic visits or if hospital admission as necessary.

Metabolic Dietitians in the Division of Genetics and Metabolism