Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Test module: Newborn Hearing Screening

Estimated time to complete: 8 minutes
Number of questions: 6

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1. Which method is used in Florida to screen newborns for hearing loss?

Blood spot screening
Sweat test and ABR
OAE and Blood spot screening
ABR and Blood spot screening

Note: You must check your answer after each selection.

2.Of babies who fail their newborn hearing screen, how many will be found to have confirmed hearing loss?

About 50%
Less then 1%
About 3%

3. Which of the following is/are required to perform newborn hearing screening or to refer to an audiologist for screening?

Healthcare professional providing home births
Birthing centers
All of the above

4. Which professionals may conduct the newborn hearing screen?

Licensed audiologists
Licensed physician
Appropriately supervised, trained individual
All of the above

5. If a child fails the newborn hearing screen, within what time frame should they be referred to an audiologist?

Within four weeks
Within six months
Within 24 hours
Within one year

6. After confirmation of hearing loss by an audiologist, which of the following referrals should be made?

Florida Medicaid program
Public health department
CMS early intervention program
Child protective services

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