Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Test module: Pedigree Analysis

Estimated time to complete: 6 min.
Number of questions: 6

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1. In Autosomal Recessive hearing loss, carriers:

Have mild hearing loss
Are asymptomatic
Have profound hearing loss
Have a 100% riskĀ  to have a child with hearing loss
None of the above

Note: You must check your answer after each selection.

2. In Autosomal Dominant hearing loss:

Males are affected more often then females
Females are affected more often then males
Carriers are asymptomatic
There is equal sex distribution
None of the above

3. In X-linked recessive inheritance:

A.No female to female transmission is seen
B. Female carriers can be mildly affected
C. All male offspring of female carriers are affected
D. Daughters of female carriers are at a 50% risk of being carriers themselves
E. Both B and D

4. In Mitochondrial inheritance:

Only males transmit the disorder
All mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited
All carriers are asymptomatic
All offspring of carriers will show signs of the disease
All of the above

5. What type of inheritance is seen in the following pedigree?

Autosomal Recessive
Autosomal Dominant
X-linked Recessive
None of the above

6. If only one parent is a carrier of an autosomal recessive disorder then

there is a 50% risk that each child will be a carrier
all the children will be carriers
about 25% of the children will be carriers
no child is at risk for being a carrier

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