Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Test module: Physical examination for hearing loss

Estimated time to complete: 6 min.
Number of questions: 6

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1. What percent of childhood hearing loss is due to mutations in the connexin-26 (GJB2) gene?


2. Most individuals with genetic hearing loss will have

a normal physical examination
some abnormality in the external ear
a 50% chance of have an ear tag or pit
skin abnormalities
hair abnormalities

3. Which ear abnormality is most likely to be associated with some type of hearing loss

ear pits or tags
large ears
small ears
large earlobe
small earlobe

4. Which eye abnormality is most likely to be associated with hearing loss

eyelid ptosis
small pupils
iris heterochromia
prominent eyes
crossed eyes (strabismus)

5. The following can be associated with he hearing loss except

multiple nevi
white forelock of hair
brown hair

6. The following anomalies of the neck can be associated with hearing loss except

web neck
enlarged thyroid
hypermobile neck
sinuses in the mid-neck region4

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