Division of Genetics and Metabolism

Connexin, GJB2,gene and inner ear The Division of Genetics and Metabolism is the regional center for genetic consultation and counseling to families of infants identified with hearing loss by the Florida Infant Hearing Screening Program.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Division of Developmental Pediatrics, UF Jacksonville campus, we have developed educational videos on the genetics of hearing loss.

Video Presentations:
  Heather Stalker
Heather Stalker, a UF genetic counselor, discusses a general overview of hearing loss and the Florida Newborn Hearing Screening Program.
  Charlie Williams
In the above five presentations, Charles Williams, a UF physician geneticist, reviews the molecular and clinical genetics of Connexin-26 hearing loss, and other aspects of the genetic evaluation of hearing loss.

Philips Unit Newsletter review of the genetics of Hearing Loss, Jan 2008 (.pdf).

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